Network/ F-Type/Coaxial Signal Transmission Surge Protection Devices

Signal Surge Protection Devices

F-Type 2 Port, 4 Port
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F-Type Surge Protector is designed to limit transien...
F-Type Surge Protector (2 Port, 3 Port, 4 Port)
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Cable TV’s, Antenna cables, satellite and antennas are direc...
F-Type Surge Protector is intended to utmost transient over voltage of climatic source and redirect current waves to earth, in order to confine the sufficiency of this over voltage to a worth that is not dangerous for the information lines and correspondence lines. F-Type surge silencer protects your costly LEDs by using LED surge protection device or LCD surge protection device sensitivity to harming wave signals which give incomplete or changeless harm to your hardware. We are the leading manufacturer dealer and supplier of these signal surge protection devices.

Cable television receivers surge protection device assurance created to secure coaxial inputs of TV frameworks. The F-Type coaxial lightning arrester is suitable as the second level of surge insurance in a joint effort with the FX sort. The link modem surge insurance is introduced at the limit of LPZ 2 and LPZ 3 zones straightforwardly before the gear. We are the best exporters and traders in the field of supplying serge protection devices in Delhi, NCR and Noida also we have links in various gulf countries like Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Yemen for exporting and trading goods.

Applications of Signal Surge Protection Device:
Cable Modems surge protection device.
CCTV Cameras surge protection device.
DSS Receivers surge protection device.
VSAT equipment surge protection device.
Cable Television Receivers surge protection device. DBS installation & WLAN applications at 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz.
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