Telecom Surge Protection Devices
BDL-RJ11 Surge Protection Devices is a highly efficient Telephone Line Surge Protection appropriate to offer high end protection to DDN, modem, fax and telephone from any kind of shock caused by the lightning or surge over voltage.

When the lightning strikes the earth potential rises and surge generated which travels through the electronics inside the telephone or modem, the electronics will destroy at the same moment. Hence, to protect the telephone lines and modem the BDL-RJ11 Phone Line Surge Protector is used for its wide applications in a number of factories, offices and homes.

BDL-RJ11 Surge Protector used for the purpose of providing protection against electrical transients. The advanced technology and quality raw materials used in making RJ11 SPD make its functionality, durability and sturdiness quite high.

Specification of RJ11 Telephone Line Surge Protector
Model Name: BDL-RJ11IN = 5kA
Imax = 10kA
UN = 180V DC
UC = 200V DC
UP : < 250 V


  • Use multilevel protection circuit, low residual pressure.
  • The core component selects international brand product, excellent performance.
  • Connect through special processing place to avoid interference.
  • Small volume, convenient installation to protect the telephone cable.

  • Provides protection against electrical transients.
  • Commendable functionality.
  • Very cost effective and easy to install.
  • Durable and Long Life.

  • Telephone centers / exchange.
  • Telecommunication Towers.
  • Modem, DDN, FAX.
  • Computer and Data Processing Centers.

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