LED Lightning Surge Protection Devices

With the growing technology, LED lighting is now replacing the conventional lighting source like mercury vapor, metal halide and sodium vapor) in outdoor applications. Though installation of LED outdoors itself an expensive technology but this cost is justified due to LED efficiency (higher lumens per watt), secondary optics (better lenses/reflectors), and greater thermal dissipation.

LED lighting is highly appreciated due to lower wattage demand, lower maintenance cost, and longer lifetime it offers. Equipped with all these features, outdoor LED lighting protection is a major concern so the lighting must offer high durability and reliability. Transient surge events in AC power lines, which can damage lighting fixtures, represent a significant threat to outdoor LED lighting installations.

We are offering a superior quality, highly reliable LED Surge Protection Devices to safeguard your expensive outdoor LED lighting against above mentioned damaging surges/ transients. This highly advance technology based protection device is crafted to ensure the best protection shield and improving the expectancy life of outdoors LED lighting. Our LED surge protector is providing an extra guarantee to the end user in terms of reliability and durability.

Specification of LED Surge Protector
  • Maximum continuous operating voltage (Uc) is 275V.
  • Nominal Voltage (UN) is 230V.
  • Max. Discharge Surge Current (IMAX) is 10kA (8/20 µs).
  • Nominal discharge surge current (IN) is 5kA (8/20 µs).
  • Protection level (UP) is 1 kV.

  • This solution is suitable for all network configurations and all voltages (including IT systems).
  • LED surge protector reduces the maintenance cost.
  • It ensures continuity of service.
  • It extends the life of the lights.
  • A compact solution which fits any luminaire. Surge protection for LED lights s very simple to install.
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