Dataline Surge Protection Devices
Communication industry is equipped with the highly sensitive electronics based devices which are quite vulnerable to lightning transients/ surges. These devices share a
earthing connection with other networks due to which prone to damaging switching surges/ transients.induced due to the indirect effect of lightning or operations of electrical units. It is defined as a increase in voltage above the designated level in
electricity which last for 3 ns. A short term spike will costly matter after damaging an even more expensive to make these devices reliable. JMV offers a wide surge protection devices

as per the application and Network Signal surge protector BDL-RJ45 is a designed to protect mainly TCP/IP communication signal lines against the influence of lightning gnetic pulse, induced over-voltage, operating over Signal surge protectors are widely used in cations, security monitoring, and industrial control

Specification of NETWORK SIGNAL 6 PORT I/O SPD (RJ45)

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