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Array Junction Box

We are offering a highly functional PV Array Junction Box, fabricated with the use of latest technology and is suitable for different Solar Power applications. Array Junction Box is meant for combining all the incoming lines from the solar panel strings/arrays and deriving one common array output for the multiple array inputs.

An array junction box is equipped with either a DC switch disconnector or a fuse disconnector for disconnection on the output side. The array junction box is supplied with neutral links or PV fuses in the form of an accessories pack, depending on the version chosen. The junction boxes can be optionally equipped with current sensors for measuring the current of the strings.

The PV Array Junction Box is properly designed as pe the requirement to guarantee flawless functioning and durability. Array Box can also propose safety opening control of the switch disconnector. We are offering PV array junction boxes consisting surge arrester & protection for solar power application 600 to 1000 volt dc housed with spd's / mov, diodes, heat sink, fuses in a poly carbonate box.

Specification of Array Junction Box
 Types of Array Junction Boxes
  1. 7 in 1 out
  2. 6 in 1 out
  3. 5 in 1 out
  4. 4 in 1 out
  5. 3 in 1 out
  6. 2 in 1 out
  7. 1 in 1 out

*All types of Array Junction Boxes are readily available/ In stock and can be customize as per the requirement.

Features of Array Junction Box
  • Degree of protection IP 65.
  • Highly insulated junction boxes ensuring the protection against electric shock.
  • The enclosure is made of high quality polycarbonate which is resistant to weather-related conditions.
  • Multiple strings input ,one string output, available for 1-24strings, max. current 30A per string.
  • Effective isolation with isolator switches which widely meet the various demands from PV power systems.
  • Offering surge/ transient protection for PV power system with pluggable – surge protector devices.
  • Over-current protection and short-circuit protection.

Benefits of Array Junction Box
  • Cost effective solution for solar.
  • Easy, fast and safe installation.
  • Easy and reliable maintenance.
  • Waterproof, dust proof and anti-corrosion, withstand harsh environmental exposure.
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